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Intro to Canvas at WFU

In this easy-to-follow introductory training, LMS Manager Laura Brewer introduces basic navigation in Canvas and tools in the Course Menu.

  1. The Canvas Menu – Global Navigation
  2. The Course Menu – Home, Announcements, Syllabus
  3. The Course Menu – Files, Assignments, Modules
  4. The Course Menu – Settings
  5. The Course Menu – Zoom and Cisco WebEx

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Canvas at WFU – Assignments, Rubrics, and Grading

  1. Settings in the Canvas Assignments Tool
  2. External Tools Integrated with Canvas Assignments
  3. Rubrics
  4. Speedgrader
  5. Grades
  6. How to get help with Canvas

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Canvas at WFU – Quizzes

  1. Canvas Quizzes Details
  2. Classic Quizzes Engine
  3. New Quizzes Engine

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Canvas at WFU – Modules and Pages

  1. Canvas Modules Tool
  2. Canvas Pages Tool and Using it with Modules

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