Pack Your Bags: We’re Moving to Canvas

Canvas at WFU

Wake Forest is transitioning from Sakai to Canvas as our Learning Management System (LMS). If you are teaching in Sakai now, the goal is for you to be teaching in Canvas by Fall 2020. There are multiple support resources to assist you during this transition, including online learning opportunities and one-on-one assistance from your local IT support or Canvas Contact.

October Activities

Sign up to be an Early Adopter by October 31!

  • Get extra help transitioning. In addition to your local IT Support, you will meet with Laura Brewer, our new LMS Manager.
  • Have access to “Early Adopter Training” once you sign up.
  • Provide feedback to the Canvas Implementation Team along the way.

Once you sign up to be an Early Adopter, Laura or your Canvas Contact will reach out to you to begin the transition process.

Choosing an LMS is not just about features. It’s about asking the right questions in order to get the right solution.

About The Transition

In Fall 2017, the Committee on Information Technology (CIT), Information Systems, and the Teaching and Learning Collaborative began working together to review the LMS landscape in higher education and evaluate how well our current LMS was meeting our needs. After a comprehensive evaluation, the committee announced in Spring 2019 that they recommended Canvas as the new campus LMS.

How did we make this decision?

Reference the entire LMS Evaluation Process, including the needs assessment, committee composition, and focus review findings.

Why are we moving to Canvas?

Learn why the overwhelming majority of vendor demonstration attendees indicated a transition to Canvas would be worth the time and effort of migrating to a new system.

How do I transition to Canvas?

Don’t panic! Whether you are a faculty member, student, or staff member affected by this transition, we are here to help!

Stay current with your courses anywhere! Download the Canvas app on your phone!

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