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Canvas Courses – Past Enrollments and End Dates

Where are my old courses? The Dashboard shows you courses based on the current term (plus the upcoming term once they are made available by Banner) or courses that are not associated with a term (like your Sandbox course). Where do I find the courses from the previous semesters? Click Course > All Courses from …

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Working With Video and Other Media In Canvas

Or Why You Should Use Kaltura For Your Media Now that Kaltura has arrived at Wake Forest University, we suggest that you switch to using the Kaltura tools in Canvas as opposed to the native Canvas media tools, especially for video. Canvas’s integrated media tools show up in the Rich Content Editor as the Record/Upload …

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Professors often want to hide grades from their students while they are working on grading them. Canvas allows the professors the ability to do this and more. Whether using the “Classic”, or “New” quiz tool, professors can control the dissemination of the students’ grades until they are ready. Below you will find videos and instructions …


Hypothesis allows you and your students to have a shared conversation on a website or PDF, using annotations.Thanks to the Canvas-Hypothesis integration at Wake, you and your students do not have to create a Hypothesis account when using it inside of a Canvas course.And you use the Canvas SpeedGrader interface to grade Hypothesis assignments! For … in Canvas Read More »

Canvas: VoiceThread Graded Assignments

VoiceThread is integrated with Canvas! You can create a VoiceThread assignment in Canvas, asking students to: CREATE a VoiceThread, COMMENT on a VoiceThread, OR  WATCH a VoiceThread.  As you grade the VoiceThread assignments, the grades go into the Canvas grade book. (Not familiar with VoiceThread? Check out these videos: What is a VoiceThread?   and  VoiceThread Basics workshop) …

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Wednesday Open Labs This Summer!

You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers! This summer, members of the ITG and IS Academic Technologies will be offering open labs on Wednesdays, alternating between Canvas and Online Teaching questions. There is no agenda or formal presentation. Just drop into the Zoom session with your questions and we will provide our best answers. To get …

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