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Professors often want to hide grades from their students while they are working on grading them. Canvas allows the professors the ability to do this and more. Whether using the “Classic”, or “New” quiz tool, professors can control the dissemination of the students’ grades until they are ready. Below you will find videos and instructions …


Hypothesis allows you and your students to have a shared conversation on a website or PDF, using annotations.Thanks to the Canvas-Hypothesis integration at Wake, you and your students do not have to create a Hypothesis account when using it inside of a Canvas course.And you use the Canvas SpeedGrader interface to grade Hypothesis assignments! For … in Canvas Read More »

Canvas: VoiceThread Graded Assignments

VoiceThread is integrated with Canvas! You can create a VoiceThread assignment in Canvas, asking students to: CREATE a VoiceThread, COMMENT on a VoiceThread, OR  WATCH a VoiceThread.  As you grade the VoiceThread assignments, the grades go into the Canvas grade book. (Not familiar with VoiceThread? Check out these videos: What is a VoiceThread?   and  VoiceThread Basics workshop) …

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Wednesday Open Labs This Summer!

You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers! This summer, members of the ITG and IS Academic Technologies will be offering open labs on Wednesdays, alternating between Canvas and Online Teaching questions. There is no agenda or formal presentation. Just drop into the Zoom session with your questions and we will provide our best answers. To get …

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Google Drive Cloud Assignment in Canvas

One useful assignment type that exists in Canvas is a Google Drive Cloud Assignment.  This assignment type links to a google doc the instructor creates that each individual student can edit with the auto-saving features of google drive. The assignment creates a copy of the google doc for each student. This assignment type is useful …

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Weighted Grading

Would you like to add weighted grading to your Canvas course? If so, head on over to the Assignments tool to get started. First, add an assignment group for each of your weighted categories using the +Group button. Next, activate the weighted grading option by clicking the Canvas “kabob” icon in the upper right of …

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Cross-Listing/Combining Sections in Canvas

You are teaching multiple sections of the same course this semester and would like to merge these sections under one course shell.  Canvas allows you to easily combine multiple sections into one course site. ********In Canvas, the term for combining sections  is referred to as cross-listing.******** 1. The first step in cross-listing your sections is …

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How to Copy Course Content between Canvas Courses

You’ve got content in one Canvas course that you want to use in a different course. You don’t have to re-upload files or set up the same assignments again. Use the Import Course Content function to copy stuff from an old Canvas course to a new one. Remember, the Sakai courses that were imported into …

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