Google Drive Cloud Assignment in Canvas

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by Ryan McCollum

One useful assignment type that exists in Canvas is a Google Drive Cloud Assignment.  This assignment type links to a google doc the instructor creates that each individual student can edit with the auto-saving features of google drive. The assignment creates a copy of the google doc for each student. This assignment type is useful for things like journals or assignments that have multiple submissions where you want the student to have access to their previous work.

Before you create the assignment in Canvas you need to create the google doc that will be linked to in the assignment.

  1. From Google Drive click the “New” button on the left side.
    google drive interface to create new document
  2. Select “Google Docs”
    google doc interface showing dropdown to select doc
  3. Name the Google Doc the title of your assignment so you can find it when creating the assignment in Canvas
    google doc interface with arrow pointing to name of assignment

Now that you have created the Google Doc you will go into Canvas to create the assignment.  Log in at

Here is a link to the Canvas Help Guide to walk you through the rest of the process:

If you need additional assistance, use the Help button in Canvas to reach our 24/7 Canvas support by phone or chat. If you are a faculty member who is served by an Instructional Technologist, don’t hesitate to ask him or her, either.

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