Pack your bags, we’re moving to Canvas! Migrate or rebuild your courses in Canvas throughout the Spring and Summer of 2020. Work with your Canvas/IT Contact to move, learn, and unpack your course(s) to be prepared to teach in Canvas in the Fall.

Transition Steps

Transitioning to Canvas is a multi-step process, best described as “moving, learning, and unpacking”. Rest assured, you will be guided and supported throughout the process!

  1. Move. You can have your courses migrated or build them new in Canvas. Communicate what needs to be moved with your Canvas/IT Contact.
  2. Learn. There are multiple learning opportunities available.
  3. Unpack. Once you are in Canvas, unpack/set up your course and make it yours. You can choose to do this whenever is most convenient for you. If you are not teaching a course for another semester or so, unpack/set up your course when best fits your schedule.

Moving Options

  • Build Your New Course.  There are multiple learning opportunities to familiarize yourself with Canvas. 
  • Migrating Course Materials. Help will be provided to migrate your course(s). We will guide you through the process of setting up your course(s). Here are three easy steps to follow:
    1. Meet with your Canvas/IT Contact to discuss and determine which courses you want to be transferred out of Sakai and into Canvas.
    2. Your Canvas Contact will provide the transition team with the Sakai Course ID number within Sakai.
    3. Once receiving confirmation your course(s) has been moved, log in to Canvas to accept the course invitation(s), and review your course(s).
      • Ensure your documents have transferred over to Files
      • Explore the tools within Canvas
      • Contact your Canvas or IT Contact with questions
    4. To use one of your migrated courses for the current or upcoming term, follow these instructions.

Sakai Historical Data

Beginning in September of 2020, Sakai will be placed into a Read-Only Mode until August of 2021. During Read-Only Mode, you will be able to log into Sakai, view course information, and download files. You will not be able to create a new site or add/update information to an old site.

After August 2021, you will no longer be able to log into Sakai. Data will be stored as a University archive to be accessed as needed for accreditation requirements, grade disputes, and legal inquiries.

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