The Canvas Implementation Committee responsibilities include:

  • guiding the campus transition to Canvas
  • making decisions around Canvas functionality and features
  • communicating and managing the change with minimal disruption to the campus community
  • continued review and improvement of Canvas after the implementation

Four sub-committees, comprised of Implementation Committee members, are focusing on key areas of the transition. Select a sub-committee to view responsibilities and membership details.

Change Management & Communication

Charged with communicating to campus and developing a set of expectations around moving to Canvas and training. Group will work closely with the other sub-committees to communicate the various aspects of the implementation. Works with faculty and staff to ensure needs are met and disruption is minimized both during and after the transition.

  • Tony Marsh, chair
  • Brian Calhoun
  • Brianna Derr
  • Emily Austin
  • Emily Gregg
  • Hannah Inzko
  • Jeff Nichols
  • Karen Frekko
  • Laura Brewer
  • Sophia Bredice


Determine what access different roles in the system have, along with identifying the people for those roles. Make decisions around features and upgrades throughout and after the implementation.

  • Drew Ray, chair
  • Don Shegog
  • Jeff Teague
  • John Owen
  • Kyle Denlinger
  • Laura Brewer
  • Odi Iancu
  • Ryan McCollum
  • Steven Wicker
  • Trevor Hughes
  • Trey Frye

Course Transition

Charged with determining the transition timeline. Responsible for determining level of support individuals need to make the move. Works closely with the Change Management and Communication sub-committee to communicate the move schedule to faculty. 

  • Laura Brewer, chair
  • Allen Brown
  • Chris McLaughlin
  • Sally Irvin
  • Steven Wicker
  • Wayland Caldwell
  • Wendy Logan

Support & Training

Responsible for determining training content and medium, utilizing process aids, videos, and in-person sessions. Train campus on functionality and support resources.

  • Sarah Wojcik-Gross, chair
  • Beth Malone
  • Drew Ray
  • Ellen Murphy
  • Laura Brewer
  • Sally Irvin
  • Sam Beck
  • Steven Wicker
  • Trey Frye
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