What’s New in Canvas: October 2021


We added FlipGrid to the list of approved apps in Canvas. FlipGrid is a simple, video-based discussion tool that integrates in Canvas. Here’s a quick introductory video: https://blog.flipgrid.com/gettingstarted.

You’ll find the option to add it to your Canvas course site under Apps on the Settings page. FlipGrid has to be added to courses individually, so you’ll need to get the key and secret before you can use it. You should only have to pair your course and FlipGrid accounts once though.

Adding FlipGrid to your course

1. Have a tab open for both FlipGrid and Canvas.
2. Go to FlipGrid and create an account/log in.
3. Click on Profile from the bubble in the top-right corner of your Flipgrid dashboard

FlipGrid dashboard highlighting the profile icon and item in the dropdown menu.

4. Select the Integrations tab
5. Click Add New Integration, select a name e.g. ‘BIO 101’, and then click Create

FlipGrid Profile page highlighting the Integrations tab and the Add New Integration button under the Canvas section.

6. Then you’ll need to copy and paste both the Consumer Key and Shared Secret into your Canvas course.
FlipGrid Integration tab highlighting the Copy buttons for the Consumer Key and Shared Secret.

7. In your Canvas course, go to the Apps tab on the Settings page and select FlipGrid.

Canvas course Settings page showing FlipGrid on the Apps tab.

8. Select the button to add the app.

FlipGrid App in Canvas course highlighting the Add App button.

9. Copy and paste the key and secret into the corresponding boxes and save the changes.

Using it in your course

When you’re ready to use FlipGrid in your course, you just need to create an Assignment with External Tool chosen as the Submission Type.

Canvas Assignment setup highlighting the available External Tools list with FlipGrid.

Once you’ve set up your assignment and saved/published it, you’ll be taken to the screen to create the FlipGrid group for the discussion.

FlipGrid Assignment in Canvas highlighting the Create a Course Group button on initial setup.

Selecting the button for creating the course group sets up the link to the FlipGrid discussion and the Canvas Assignment.

FlipGrid Assignment setup complete in Canvas highlighting the new course group.

You can further edit the settings for the discussion from Canvas or FlipGrid. Students will be able to participate in FlipGrid without ever leaving Canvas. You’ll also be able to grade the assignment in SpeedGrader!

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