Introducing Kaltura, a video management platform solution

colorful starburst next to the word Kaltura

Now more than ever we are looking to video as a way to communicate our teaching and learning objectives for our classroom content. Video engages students and creates new and exciting learning experiences. This fall we are rolling out a platform that will satisfy faculty needs for video management and hosting. Visit for more information and links to online learning opportunities.

Now faculty and students enrolled in a class can create videos and upload to a course Channel much like YouTube. Kaltura integrates nicely with Canvas and offers other capabilities such as screen capture, lecture capture, in-video quizzing, and interactive video options. It also has a built-in editor for minor edits. Some functionality is unavailable but will be launched in late Fall 2020.

A soft rollout of Kaltura is available to all faculty, students, and staff. Support will be limited during the fall semester as members of Academic Technology and members of the ITG will be training to learn the tool in order to be ready for full integration and support in the spring.

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