How to use a Migrated Course from Sakai for a Current or Upcoming Term Course in Canvas

Please note: Once receiving confirmation your course(s) has been moved from Sakai into Canvas, you will need to log in to Canvas to accept the course invitation(s).

To use a course you migrated from Sakai in a current or upcoming term in Canvas:

  1. Open the current or upcoming course’s shell on the Canvas Dashboard
  2. Go to the Settings page on the Course Menu
  3. Select “Import Course Content” in the right-hand menu
  4. In the Content Type menu, select “Copy a Canvas Course”
  5. Search for the migrated course you wish to use for this current or upcoming term course
  6. Choose the option to use “All Content”
  7. Select the “Import” button

Contact your Canvas/IT Contact with any questions you have.

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